Keeli Stumbo

My philosophy and passion towards treating those with this disease stemmed from having had family members, friends, and patients with addiction issues. I believe that treating the physical symptoms is only a small part of the process.  The need for a holistic approach is extremely important for each individual to understand and accept the nature of this disease.  If we treat the body only and still have a sick mind and spirit, we may never recover.  Our goal is to treat the body, mind, and spirit of each individual in our program.  Counseling is a huge part of this particular program.  Our clinical team is prepared to work very hard to ensure you can continue your healing by offering several modalities of therapy for recovery.

I now practice medicine in a fashion that incorporates preventive measures along with dietary recommendations and trauma recovery if needed.  The mind is a complex system that tells us what we want to hear.  The beautiful thing about the mind is that patterns can be altered if we choose a different path.  As human beings we are confronted with difficult choices on a daily basis.  The process we offer which includes: medical and prescription treatment along with dietary support and various therapies to promote comprehensive treatment for your recovery.

My personal history……… I was born in Texas and raised in Texas.  I grew up in a small town and always wanted to achieve great things.  After graduating from high school I moved to Lubbock Texas and lived there for 18 years.  I attended Texas Tech University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude.  After graduation, I chose to attend medical school at Texas Tech, followed by an Obstetrics and Gynecology residency.  While in residency I was named outstanding student teacher, published a research study, and had the honor of being named chief resident at the fourth year of residency.  I spent the last three years practicing family medicine in a rural setting.

Welcome to our program and I look forward to meeting you!

Keeli Stumbo, M.D.