Alberto Mota

Masters of Counseling Student Intern

Supervised by:  Mee-Gaik Lim, Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT-S, AAMFT-S

My Counseling Approach

My philosophy in counseling employs Person-Centered theory with an attention to intricate combinations of exposures during life. This involves social factors of many kinds that contribute to a holistic outcome. Sometimes this results in faulty thinking and reactive unwanted behaviors. It is my ambition to be there for my client; to provide a safe place for them to share, to be confident, and mostly to never judge my brother or sister.  I am here to identify and understand your unique subjections and burdens that at first we don't comprehend. My understandings stem from exposures in the military as a direct leader of soldiers and airmen. I always have had concerns dealing with adults with very familiar problems, addictions, and anxieties that also civilians share. We are very much alike when struggling to get  through life, trying to figure it all out. I want to help those realize that this is an expedition on discovering their uniqueness as a gift and to better understand their reactive feelings surrounding it. Together, let us find your unique intuitions of your true self.